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39 Arizona Players Set For DI, DII, DIII NCAA Women's Tournament

Friday, November 10, 2017 -- The 2017 DI, DII, and DIII NCAA Women's Tournaments are set to kick off tonight with 39 Arizona players vying to bring home a national title. 
Yesterday, we previewed the 13 Arizona players in the DII and DIII NCAA Men's Tournaments.
On the DI front, the last Arizona player to win a national title was Cassie Miller with Florida State in 2014 when she was a redshirt-sophomore. On the DII front, the last Arizona player to win the national title was Alex Aguirre with Seattle Pacific in 2008. On the DIII front, no Arizona player has won a national title in the past 10 years. 
If we missed a player or two, please let us know. Email 
List of players:
DI - Utah Valley - Breanna McCarter (Arizona Arsenal)
DI - Arizona - Meredith Reinhardt (Scottsdale Blackhawks / SC del Sol), Brynn Moga (SC del Sol), Gabi Stoian (Sereno), Brandi Park (Tanque Verde Soccer Club), Leah Carillo (Scottsdale Blackhawks)
DI - Mississippi - Chanel Thomas (SC del Sol)
DI - Florida State - Cassie Miller (Sereno / SC del Sol)
DI - Georgetown - Alyssa Navarrete (SC del Sol)
DI - Bucknell - Shelby Roberts (Sereno), Chloe Christakos (Sereno / SC del Sol)
DI - UNC Greensboro - Quiqui Hita (Sereno / SC del Sol)
DI - Eastern Washington - Allison Raniere (Tucson Soccer Academy / Sereno)
DI - Rice - Mary Clair Danilevics (SC del Sol), Gabby Martinez (Legacy)
DI - Ohio State - Nikki Watts (Sereno)
DI - Santa Clara - Kellie Peay (Sereno), Kelsey Turnbow (SC del Sol), Taylor Culver (SC del Sol)
DI - Northwestern - Kylie Fisher (Sereno / SC del Sol)
DI - Arkansas - Elizabeth Poblete (Sereno)
DI - Colorado - Jalen Tompkins (Sereno), Jorian Baucom (Sereno / SC del Sol), Nancy Best (SC del Sol)
DII - Western Washington - Alyssa Treptow (Flagstaff Soccer Club)
DII - Angelo State - Janessa Dunbar (SC del Sol / Banat) Morgan Sibson (Tucson Soccer Academy)
DIII - Chicago - Kelsey Moore (Sereno)
DIII - Knox - Corina Leyva (Tucson Soccer Academy)
DIII - Loras - Erin Peter (Challenge FC)
DIII - Tufts - Rachel Brown (Sereno / SC del Sol)
DIII - MIT - Olivia Struckman (Sereno), Sophia Struckman (Sereno)
DIII - Carnegie Mellon - Missy Dominick (Arcadia)
DIII - Trinity - Emily Welp (Scottsdale Blackhawks)
DIII - Lesley - Hope Seasholes (Tucson Soccer Academy)
DIII - Pacific Lutheran - Hannah Smith (Sereno), Ashton Huppert (Legacy)
DIII - John Hopkins - Jackie Tait (SC del Sol)

DI Women's Schedule 

November 10th - First Round
3:00PM - Rice (Mary Clair Danilevics, Gabby Martinez) vs Baylor WATCH LIVE
4:00PM - #4 Ohio State (Nikki Watts) vs Vanderbilt WATCH LIVE
5:00PM - #4 Florida State (Cassie Miller) vs Mississippi (Chanel Thomas) WATCH LIVE
5:00PM - Georgetown (Alyssa Navarrate) vs Wake Forest WATCH LIVE
7:00PM - TCU vs Arizona (Meredith Reinhardt, Brynn Moga, Gabi Stoian, Brandi Park, Leah Carillo) WATCH LIVE
November 11th - First Round
11:00AM - Bucknell (Shelby Roberts, Chloe Christakos) vs #2 West Virginia WATCH LIVE
11:00AM - Arkansas (Elizabeth Poblete) vs NC State WATCH LIVE
2:30PM - Santa Clara (Kellie Peay, Kelsey Turnbow, Taylor Culver) vs California WATCH LIVE
3:00PM - #3 USC vs Eastern Washington (Allison Raniere) WATCH LIVE
5:00PM - #1 Duke vs UNC Greensboro (Quiqui Hita) WATCH LIVE
8:00PM - #1 Stanford vs Utah Valley (Breanna McCarter) WATCH LIVE
November 12th - First Round
12:00PM - Northwestern (Kylie Fisher) vs Butler WATCH LIVE
12:00PM - Colorado (Jalen Tompkins, Jorian Baucom, Nancy Best) vs Denver WATCH LIVE
DII Women's Schedule 
November 10th - First Round 
2:00PM - #3 Angelo State (Janessa Dunbar, Morgan Sibson) vs #6 West Texas A&M WATCH LIVE
November 11th - Second Round
2:00PM - #2 Western Washington (Alyssa Treptow) vs #3 Sonoma State WATCH LIVE
DIII Women's Schedule
November 10th - First Round
10:00AM - Chicago (Kelsey Moore) vs St. Catherine WATCH LIVE
4:00PM - Loras (Erin Peters) vs Webster WATCH LIVE
6:30PM - Knox (Corina Leyva) vs Wheaton (Ill) WATCH LIVE
November 11th - First Round
9:00AM - MIT (Olicia Struckman, Sophia Struckman) vs Castleton WATCH LIVE
9:00AM - Williams vs Lesley (Hope Seasholes) WATCH LIVE
9:00AM - Pacific Lutheran (Ashton Huppert, Hannah Smith) vs Whittier WATCH LIVE
9:00AM - Johns Hopkins (Jackie Tait) vs Staten Island WATCH LIVE
11:30AM - Tufts (Rachel Brown) vs Virginia Wesleyan WATCH LIVE
12:30AM - Trinity (Emily Welp) vs Mary Hardin-Baylor WATCH LIVE
3:30PM - Carnegie Mellon (Missy Dominick) vs Farmingdale St. WATCH LIVE