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5 AZ Refs Selected For Nationals



Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 -- The Far West President's Cup in Salt Lake City and Far West Regional Championships in Hawaii aren't just big events for players looking to make it to the next level. 

They're also big events for referees who are also looking to make it to the next level as referees at Presidents Cup Nationals and the US Youth Soccer National Championships are selected from these regional events.

Five Arizona based referees stood out at these two events and both Jordan Vlad and Alan Martinez were selected for President's Cup Nationals and Alan Rios, Dejan Susak, and Melissa Beck were selected for US Youth Soccer National Championships. Isaish Vlad and Nick Gastelum were selected as alternates for National Championships. 

Additionally, final day assignments are also an honor and seven Arizona referees were selected to referee championship matches at Far West President's Cup. They were CJ Parisian (13U Girls/Referee), Madison Hamilton (13U Girls/AR2), Ashton Ching (13U Boys/AR1), Carter Ritt (14U Girls/AR1), Alan Martinez (15U Girls/Referee), Tiger Dong (16U Girls/Referee), Jordan Vlad (17U Boys/AR1). 

Final day assignments at Far West Regional Championships include Nick Gastelum (13U Boys/Referee), Melissa Beck (14U Boys/AR1), Isiah Vlad (17U Girls/AR1), Dejan Susak (18U Boys/Referee), and Alan Rios (19U Boys/Referee). 

Congratulations to all these referees and if you're interested in learning more about becoming a referee please contact the Arizona State Referee Administration right here.