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Employment Opportunities

League Commissioner   |   Arizona Youth Association                                                                                     

Job Posted Monday, March 5th, 2018

Arizona Soccer Association is seeking a League Commissioner. If you are interested in applying for the position please send your resume to no later than Monday, March 12, 2018.

Minimum Skills and Experience
--Self-motivated, able to work autonomously and also able to lead teams of volunteers.
--Supervisory experience and experience running soccer events
--Excellent communication skills and the ability to build community relationships. 
--Must be motivated and flexible
--2 Years Director Experience
--Event management skills
--Knowledge and understanding of US Youth Soccer, ASA, bylaws, rules, and policies
--Knowledge or experience working with as well as scheduling and referees. 

--Oversee, direct, schedule ASA Managed Leagues.
--Oversee, direct, schedule ASA State Cup and ASA Presidents Cup.
--Secure and manage Field allocations for ASA League/Cups.
--Communicate with Club DOC’s
--Schedule and facilitate league committee meetings for ASL/APL/POSL
--Maintain policies and rules of competition for ASA Managed Leagues.
--Maintain policies and rules of competition for ASA State and Presidents Cup
--Assist State Registrar with team credentials for ASA Cups, Far West Regionals and Presidents Cup Regionals
--Act as State liaison for Regional and National Cup events.
--Create annual ASA calendar with assistance from Executive Director.
--Create 12/24/36 month plan for ASA Managed Cups and Leagues.
--Create and manage annual budget for ASA Managed Cups and Leagues.
--ASA Liaison for DPL.
--Promote/Develop new leagues within the State of Arizona.
--Work a minimum of 40 hours per week.
--Build relationships with local youth soccer clubs, regional and national office and City Leadership.
--Attend Regional and National workshops as required.
--Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Conduct 
--League Commissioner shall not serve any soccer team, club, association, or league, except in those matters specifically approved by the Executive Director.
--The League Commissioner shall conduct him/herself in a responsible, moral and professional manner.
--In expressing personal, political or religious beliefs or positions, the League Commissioner shall make it clear that it is his/her personal belief and he/she shall not refer to any position of the state association and shall not reference any affiliation with the state association concerning such beliefs. He/she understand that the state association is a tax-exempt organization and as such, must avoid partisan politics.
--The League Commissioner must receive prior and written approval from the Executive Director to conduct or be on the staff of any soccer or athletic camp.
--The League Commissioner must receive prior and written approval from the Executive Director to enter into any soccer-related venture for profit.
--League Commissioner agrees that, during the two (2) years immediately following the termination of employment with AYSA for any reason, you will not serve as Director or Manager of any competing soccer leagues or qualifying tournaments within Arizona.