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Suspensions (1)


When a coach, assistant coach, administrator, spectator or player is given a suspension for a red card or ejection from the field, a Suspension Fulfillment Form, must be completed and signed by the referee officiating at the game(s) where they are “sitting out”.  Coaches, assistant coaches and administrators may not participate in any manner, including cell phones, and should not be in line of sight of the playing field.  Any player serving a red card should not sit in the immediate vicinity of the team and should not be in the team uniform.  A team administrator is responsible for having the Suspension Fulfillment Form signed by the referees.  A player shall serve his/her game suspension(s) with the team to which they are officially rostered with AYSA. If the player is multiple rostered, the suspension shall be served on his/her primary team.  Please review the Minimum Red Card Suspensions Standard Table.

To fulfill your suspension, a completed Suspension Fulfillment Form may be emailed, mailed, scanned or faxed to the.  Include a return mailing address, and the player/admin card will be mailed to you. Please give enough time if you expect the return of a card in order for the person to participate at the next scheduled play date. 
Mail AYSA - 9034 N 23rd Ave Suite 10, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Fax 602-433-9221

Questions?  Please call the AYSA office at 602-433-9202 Ext 209 during regular business hours (9 am-4 pm, M–F).


2CT 2nd Caution
AL Abusive Language
AL-O Abusive Language - Toward an Official
DGF Serious Foul Play - Denies Goal (Commits Foul)
DGH Serious Foul Play - Denies Goal (Hand Ball)
SFP Serious Foul Play (Other than DGF or DGH)
VC Violent Conduct
NOTE: Coaches & Administrators who are ejected from a match will be subjected to the minimum suspensions listed above, plus one (1) game.
All updated July 5, 2018