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Arizona Soccer Association & Clemson University To Hold A Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp




Arizona Soccer Association & Clemson University To Hold A Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp

To be held in Arizona from February 14-17, 2019

PHOENIX (January 14, 2019) -- The Arizona Soccer Association (ASA), the Arizona's largest soccer association with over 40,000 registered members, announces a first-of-its-kind partnership with Clemson University to offer a Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp.

The Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp which will be hosted by ASA from February 14 – 17, 2019, and will focus on growing the sport of soccer for veterans with and without disabilities. The four-day camp is designed to develop and educate player-coaches who will then have the opportunity to partner with local soccer clubs and leagues to engage in community programs throughout Arizona. The camp is funded in large part from a grant from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.

“As a veteran of the US Navy myself, this program is very personal to me” said Rick Kelsey, ASA Chief Executive Officer. “To be able to have this opportunity, not only to host this program but to create the chance for veterans to become engaged with our 76 member clubs throughout Arizona is very humbling”.

Clemson University is a leader in adaptive sports and has been hosting Paralympic camps for veterans and veterans with disabilities since 2016. Dr. Skye Arthur-Banning, associate professor in Clemson’s Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Department has been leading this initiative.

“The men and women who participate in this program have given so much for our country, to be able to provide an opportunity to become engaged in the communities in which they live, through soccer is amazing” said Arthur-Banning.

Every attendee of the Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp will obtain their US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License as well as introductions into each of the different types of adaptive soccer programs.

“Being able to see the development of all the veterans that attend is nothing short of remarkable” said Arthur-Banning.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the upcoming Paralympic Soccer Coaches Camp please contact at Arizona Soccer Association.