AYSA Registration Information

Registration Issues - Since many clubs have already concluded their tryouts for next year, we would like to remind all Clubs and families of the following information regarding insurance coverage:

1) If you are a Club that has picked up players during tryouts who have not been registered with US Youth Soccer during the current (2013-2014) season, you need to register them if they are currently playing or practicing with the team so they are insured. Any new administrators should also be registered immediately so they have both medical and liability coverage.

2) To all parents: If your child does not have a valid AYSA pass (passes are normally in the possession of the coach or team manager) for the 2013-2014 season, he or she is not insured through the AYSA insurance. It is possible that your club has insured your player through US Club Soccer. It is up to you to verify this information and to contact them for any insurance issues.  

In order to help the confusion between the Transfers and Moves AYSA has provided the following document.
Tranfers vs Moves


The following forms may be required and can be found in the "Forms" section of our website, or obtained from the AYSA office.
Membership Form
Medical Release Form
Multiple Registration Form
Member Status Change Form (Release/Transfer)
Member Loan Form
International Clearance Form
International Clearance Waiver

For a player who comes to the United States on or after the player is 12 years of age, the player must request and receive an international clearance from the Federation. However, an international clearance is not required of a player who is 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 years of age if the player and the player's parents sign a statement that the player has not signed a professional contract or received money from a professional team for playing soccerAll players who come to the United States who turned seventeen (17) years of age by January 1 of the year they arrive, must complete and submit to USSF an international clearance form per FIFA rules before playing for a team in this country (Steinbrecher, 10/21/99).

Your registrar is required to verify each player's age and a copy of the player's proof of age must be available to the State Registrar upon request. The following is a list of acceptable "Proof of Age" documents:Board of Health Records
Passport (current or expired)
Birth certificate (must be a certified copy)
Driver's License (not valid for State Championship play)
Alien Registration Card (issued by the U.S. Government)
Birth Registration issued by an appropriate governmental agency
Certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age
Certificate of an American Citizen born abroad issued by tyhe governing agency

NOTE: Hospital, Baptismal or Religious Certificates are not acceptable Proof of Age documents in foreign languages must have an English translation attached to the original document (the translation is required for tournament play). Please call the AYSA office for the requirements necessary to be an approved translator.

Passes must have a current photo and must be laminated. Player passes do not need to be signed.

A player is considered rostered: when placed on a team and that team is registered with the appropriate league. Once a player has been registered and rostered, any movement between teams is considered a transfer.  Players coming from another State Association during the seasonal year must complete the appropriate transfer forms prior to participating with a team registered withing the AYSA. 

Players and coaches must present their passes to game or tournament officials prior to the start of each game.All passes, both for players and Coaches, must include a current picture and the pass must be laminated. Up to three (3) Assistant Coach passes are provided free to each team.Warning: Unregisted PlayersIf an unregistered player is allowed to participate in any AYSA sanctioned game or tournament, the offending parties will be referred to the appropriate committee. This is a serious offense and could lead to suspension from AYSA activities.Any coach who is found to have played a player who is over-age and / or ilegally registered shall, at a minimum, be suspended for the remainder of the seasonal year in which the player is found to have played and the following seasonal year. In addition, the team shall forfeit the game(s) in which that player has taken part(AYSA Bylaw 803- False Registration).


Age groups for the seasonal year that begins  September 1, 2013 and ends August 31, 2014








Players born 8/1/94 and younger

Players born 8/1/95 and younger

Players born 8/1/96 and younger

Players born 8/1/97 and younger

Players born 8/1/98 and younger

Players born 8/1/99 and younger

Players born 8/1/00 and younger







Players born 8/1/01 and younger

Players born 8/1/02 and younger

Players born 8/1/03 and younger

Players born 8/1/04 and younger

Players born 8/1/05 and younger

Players born 8/1/06 and younger


Roster Sizes
Age Groups
5 players
14 players
7 players
18 players
7 players
22 players

Please see your club registrar BEFORE you consider multiple registering any player.

To Transfer a player from one team to another, the Member Status Change Form (available from the "Forms" section or the State office) must be completed with all requested information and signatures.  Coaches, please remember the following transfer rules apply:  No more than five (5) transfers are allowed per team. Exceptions can be made for teams not entering or having completed their commitment to the National Cup Arizona State Championship.

There must be a valid reason for a player to be released from a team: 
The player has violated rules of the USSF, USYSA or the AYSA. The player has moved beyond a reasonable travel distance; the determination of 'reasonable travel distance' is subject to definition by the AYSA. The player is injured in such a manner that the player will not be able to participate for the remainder of the season. Please remember, a parent always has the right to request his/her child be released from a team.

The Member Loan Form (available at "Forms" or the State office) must be completed in its entirety with the appropriate signatures. State official signatures are not required for second season travel withing the state.



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