AYSA Statement Regarding Changes At NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex

Thursday, November 9th, 2017 -- To dispel the rumors regarding the agreement between AYSA and the NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex, AYSA does pay for field usage and has no agreement with NSFC that restricts them from being scheduled on Sundays for league play. 
Please note the following from NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex. If you have any questions regarding the new fee policy, please contact Jenn Carling jenn@nsfcstrikers.com:
Starting November 11, 2017 NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex will be charging spectators age 16-years-old and older $3 to enter the Striker Complex. This fee is due to Strikers being a private complex, we are experiencing higher maintenance fees such as lights, water, refuge and bathrooms with the increased use of our fields. Finished bathrooms and lighted academy fields will be completed over the next several weeks. Also, dogs/pets are no longer permitted at the complex.