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Overview of National and State Coaching Licenses
National Coaching Schools
Created in 1970 by the famed West German coach Detmar Cramer, the USSF National Coaching Schools offers fours levels of licensing ("A", "B", "C" and US Soccer Youth Licenses). Candidates attending the national coaching schools go through a rigorous nine-day schedule of field and classroom sessions, concluding with extensive testing on theoretical and practical applications of the game. During these 30 plus years of licensing nearly 10,000 coaches have earned a National License, but only 1,290 have earned their "A" license.
The USSF also offers the "D", "E" and Youth Modules, which are available through each state association. While the state associations are responsible for the execution of these courses, the curriculum is controlled by USSF.
The following is an overview of the coaching education programs and the curriculum for each level that we offer:
"A" License Course 
Length:  9 days 
Curriculum Emphasis of the "A" Course:
  • Development and understanding of team play and specific tactical concepts applied to a game plan, i.e., low pressure defending, counter-attack, pressing, etc.
  • Ability to construct an appropriate training session and coach within an 11v11 format
  • Understanding of team-related issues, i.e., player management, match analysis, etc.
"B" License Course 
Length:  9 days 
Curriculum Emphasis of the "B" Course:
  • The development of training that provides greater meaning to positional play within the team structure, i.e., functional training
  • Improved understanding of the roles of players and their responsibilities within the game
  • Development of collective play within the various lines of play, i.e., back line, midfield line or forward line, as applied to tactics and concepts of play.
"C" License Course 
Length:  9 days 
License held for a minimum of 12 months 
Curriculum Emphasis of the "C" Course:
  • The emphasis of the course will continue to be on the development of individual skill taught within individual and small group activities and games (4v4 to 7v7).
  • The understanding and development of tactics through 4v4 to 9v9 games
  • The ability to observe mistakes and make appropriate corrections