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AYSA Release
Arizona Youth Soccer Association - After School Program
In Partnership with - Grand Canyon University
AYSA has created and is looking to expand our after school soccer skills training program for all students.  The program is six (6) weeks in length and is structured to either introduce or enhance the sport of soccer to students in grades 1-6.
The goal is to deliver this program into all eight (8) AYSA geographical districts. Our staff works with each AYSA District Commissioner to select a school district(s), then to select one school per for the fall semester and another school for the spring semester. 
Prior to each six (6) week course, AYSA would select a teacher or staff member(s) to participate in the program as an assistant(s). Coaching tactics would be taught to these staff members prior, during and after the course has been completed. The goal is to have our program continue after we have been there. Additionally, AYSA will leave all equipment used in the program behind with each school so they can continue the program at each school.
1. Provide a safe activity and environment for participants following school each day;
2. Provide high level training from the coaching staff;
3. Provide physical fitness activities for children encouraging exercise;
4. Introduce and/or enhance the philosophy of personal and community RESPECT.

For more information, please contact Leslie Johnson of ASA