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Field Dimensions

At the direction of US Soccer, the following changes have been for fields and goal sizes:
  3v3 4v4 7v7 9v9 11v11
LENGTH* 25 Yards 25-35 Yards 55-65 Yards 70-80 Yards 110-115 Yards
WIDTH* 30 Yards

15-25 Yards   

35-45 Yards 45-55 Yards 70-75 Yards
GOAL** 4'h X 6'w 4'h X 6'w 6.5'h x 18.5'w

6.5'h x 18.5'w


7'h x 21'w

8'h x 24'w
PENALTY SPOT n/a n/a 8 Yds from goal line 10 Yds from goal line 12 Yds from goal line
CENTER CIRCLE 4 Yd Radius 5 Yd Radius

8 Yd Radius

8 Yd Radius 10 Yard Radius
CORNER ARC 2' Radius 2' Radius 3' Radius 3' Radius 3' Radius
CORNER FLAGS Cone or 5' Flag Cone or 5' Flag Standard Flag Standard Flag Standard Flag


*Recommended Sizes - Can be changed slightly to best utilize the field as long as it does not effect the quality of soccer.
**US Soccer recommended