CDO Team Receives Major Award for Sportsmanship!



At the Region IV President's Cup this past summer in Aurora, Colorado the CDO ‘97 Girls Gold team (Representing Arizona) were at the soccer complex awaiting their second group game against a team from Alaska. Word came that the team from Alaska was stuck in traffic behind a serious road accident close to the complex. 

The rules of the competition state that if a team is not at the field 15 minutes after the scheduled kick off time, that the game is automatically forfeited.  However, as a gesture of sportsmanship, the CDO 97G Gold coach, Bill Bock approached the tournament committee and asked them to waive this rule, even though accepting a forfeit would have guaranteed the team safe passage into the knockout phase of the tournament.
After speaking with his players, they all agreed and understood that for the Alaska team to travel 2,500 miles for the competition to not play one of their games would have been something that went against the spirit of the competition, and that the game should be played.
This resulted in the game kicking off very late. By the time the match began, the CDO players had already been at the field for almost three hours, and the game resulted in a 1-1 draw. Ironically, the following day saw CDO draw 1-1 again, and they were eliminated on goal differential from the competition.... by Alaska.
Whereas accepting the forfeit would have been the easy thing to do, playing the game and respecting the competition was the RIGHT thing to do. As a result, the CDO ’97 Girls Gold team earned a place in the 2012 “Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments” by Liberty Mutual Insurance and their “Responsible Sports” program!
Arizona Youth Soccer Association is extremely proud of this team for many reasons. Representing our state at a Regional competition is an honor, but to do so in a manner that exudes class as the CDO ’97 Girls Gold team goes above and beyond. AYSA appreciates of all members of this team, including players, coaches and parents for doing the right thing with class!

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