AYSA - November 1st State Cup Policy

AYSA Members,
SUBJECT: November 1st Transfer Deadline Policy (State Cup)
Please see the following guidelines which are a part of Arizona State Cup Rules: Players who transfer from one club to another after November 1st will be ineligible for play in the Arizona State Championships.
Any transfer after November 1st will be allowed, subject to the following conditions: Moves from one team to another within the same club are not subject to the November 1st deadline. If the player transfers on or prior to November 1st, the transfer is considered a normal transfer. A player who is not enrolled in high school and whose club team has disbanded for the high school season may be loaned to another team from November 1st to the end of the high school season. If the player’s original team does not re-form after the high school season, the player will be allowed to transfer to another team for the remainder of the season, subject only to the 5-transfers limit in section 9.4.1. Any player who is on loan to another team is bound to the original team and will become ineligible for any Cup competition or AZSL matches if he/she does not return to his/her original team after the loan period. In recognition that there may be individual situations not foreseen by AYSA in the development of this rule, a player may appeal a decision. The dissolution of a team will be considered as such a potential situation on a case-by-case basis. However, if the potential transfer of a player(s) from a team would cause the original team to dissolve, the transfer may not be recognized as an exception to the November 1st rule.
The deadline to request a waiver to the November 1st policy is Friday, March 1st at 12:00pm (Noon). All requests need to be submitted to Leslie Johnson at: aysaoffmgr@aol.com

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