AYSA Youth Development Academy is Here!


The Academy Program is the developmental program for boys’ and girls’ teams from Under-6 through Under-8. The academy program is administered by our individual Club Member Affiliate's.

Program Objectives:

• To eliminate keeping scores and reduce pressure on players and coaches to get results.
• To emphasize individual player development and especially individual technical development.
• To reduce the excessive travel around the state for games.
• To reduce the possibilities of mismatched opponents and lopsided scores by allowing clubs to do their own scheduling.
• To reduce the number of games players were playing in a year and increase the number of training opportunities.

Program Benefits:

• Free player movement within the academy program age group.
• Growing a ‘CLUB’ concept with a club loyalty as opposed to individual team mentality.
• Professional coaches taking over administration and training of younger ages.
• Increased player enrollment and larger membership at the club.
• Increased pool of players for older teams with improvement in quality of players.
• A good introduction to competitive soccer for players transitioning from recreational to competitive soccer.

This program is governed by the Arizona Youth Soccer Association Rules and Regulations.

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