Baseline Testing at Banner Concussion Center


This season, AYSA has been very pleased to establish parntership with the Banner Concussion Center (BCC) in Phoenix.  BCC is a recognized leader in the area of providing concussion education, awareness, prevention and treatment.  Part of this process is to have players tested prior to receiving a concussion, this is called Baseline Testing.

Baseline testing takes approximately 30 minutes and then provides Doctors with a starting-point to treat athletes who suffer from a concussion.  When taken prior, a Baseline Test can point Doctors in the direction and path to the best treatment solution(s) for an athlete.

This week, members of the Phoenix Rush (Pictured above) visited the Banner Concussion Center to perform these tests.  Now, should any of these players suffer a concussion, their Baseline Test will assist in their treatment!

Testing is very in-expensive and provides incredibly useful information.  Many AYSA clubs have contacted BCC to learn more.  If you would like to learn more about how you can have your team/club tested, please contact Bryce Nalepa of the Banner Concussion Center at: (602) 839-7285, or visit their website by clicking here.

The Banner Concussion Center's comprehensive approach to concussion care includes its concussion awareness and education program as well as balance, cognitive and vision testing. The clinical team is made up of specialists experienced in the diagnosis and management of concussion, including a readily accessible panel of subspecialists with experience in caring for patients with post-concussion syndrome and other concussion complications. In addition, a multidisciplinary research team collaborates to investigate all facets of mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), commonly known as concussions. Learn more about the Banner Concussion Center. To make an appointment for baseline testing call (602) 839-7285.

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