Donate New or Used Soccer Equipment to the Children of Ensenada!


                    Dear AYSA Community,
I am writing you to inquire about the possibility of assistance from you for a charitable task I am about to embark on. Recently I went to Ensenada, Mexico with a group to provide assistance to a foundation that provides support and education to the families of migrate workers. While there I was introduced to two additional organizations:
Lantern Hill - Lantern Hill located in Ensenada, Mexico is located 98 miles from San Diego. Lantern Hill partners with communities in need helping educate, feed and care for children and families through our various programs, educational opportunities and servant experiences.
Agua Vida Ministries - Agua Viva Ministry seeks to share the love and message of Jesus Christ with the people of Mexico while creating opportunities for American groups to explore and experience the challenges and rewards of missionary work. American groups of all ages come to serve through such activities as Vacation Bible School, medical clinics, construction projects, women’s Bible study, sports evangelism, and other ministries.
So, what do I ask of you? Having visited these organizations recently and not really speaking very much Spanish, the one language I was able to communicate with was Soccer.
I am going back to Ensenada to volunteer for these organizations from Labor Day until early December.  I am looking for any soccer equipment you may able to donate that I can take to the children of Ensenada. These children could never dream of affording even a ball, in fact the soccer ball I brought was the first real soccer ball many of the kids had ever actually played with. Another group actually had a ball, but it was missing a lot of its outer covering and was not even inflated.  Soccer balls are a very insignificant possession for most, and something we club players take for granted because we often have several lying around. However a soccer ball would mean the world to the children I met while in Ensenada. I will take whatever you may be able to offer, new or used equipment.
Alexis Pierce 
Kim Pierce

AYSA Office
East Valley - Contact Kim Pierce at

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